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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Mobile networks to boost data capacity

One of my concerns about Mobile Broadband has been due to it's huge increase in popularity in the last year. I was worried that with such a large number of people using the mobile network for their internet that it would become clogged and render the service unusable due to slow speeds where so many people were downloading or uploading data at the same time. Fortunately, it looks like most of the networks are planning for this eventuality and have signed an agreement with BT which will increase the amount of data that can be transmitted across their networks at any one time. It would appear the only network among the UK Big 5 at the moment to have not done this is Orange.

More information on this can be found on the Financial Times website:

1 comment:

mikemac said...

I think its about time to increase the capacity of data transfer for the sake of their subscribers.

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