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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Top 10 Handsets

These are the top ten handsets as sold by O2 last week.

1 Sony Ericsson T650i
2 Samsung Soul
3 Samsung E250 Lilac
4 LG KF700
5 Samsung G600 Pink
6 Samsung D900i
7 Nokia 6500 Classic Silver
8 Sony Ericsson W980i
9 Sony Ericsson C902
10 Sony Ericsson W890i Mocha Brown

Great new offer for football fans

Get a free Football shirt worth up to £39.99 and 6 months free subscription to the 24-7 Football service when you purchase selected Sony Ericsson phones with O2 on Contract and Pay as you Go.

Click here for more details.

Increase the potential of your Mobile Broadband by partnering it with Home Broadband

If you have a home phone line you can also get Home Broadband, this can be more reliable than Mobile Broadband as it is does not rely on signal strength and is generally not affected by atmospheric conditions. The downside is basically that it is not mobile. But, with many services offering a Wireless Router as part of the package you can get a degree of mobility. I think the average range of a Wireless Router is about 10 metres. Which means it would comfortably cover most homes, and possibly even your garden if you have one.

But, what you can also do is if you keep your computer switched on and connected to the broadband you can use your Mobile Broadband to connect with your home computer wherever you can get a signal. I will go into some of the things you can do with this in future posts.

Now the biggest potential at the moment for combining Home and Mobile Broadband is O2's service. Which if you take their Mobile Broadband offering you get free Home Broadband for 12 months. (Actually you get a £7.50 discount for 12 months, but the lowest package is £7.50 so you get it for free.) This offer is available until the end of October. And you also get unlimited Wi-fi access, which I plan to cover in my next post.

Other Home Broadband providers include AOL and Orange.